Aug 30, 2014

WIP: Oldhammer Day USA Warband

I'm a little late to the party, but I've decided to paint up a Chaos warband for Oldhammer Day here in the states.

Though this will be my first foray into Oldhammer, I've really enjoyed watching enthusiasm build behind the movement over the last couple years.

I got into this hobby around 1991, which seems to be the tail end of what's now considered the Oldhammer period.

And as I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of late 80s/early 90s Citadel sculpts, so the idea of enjoying the old game systems and minis of that time strikes a chord with me.

With Oldhammer Day USA taking place just south of me, I thought I should take advantage of this opportunity to paint up some old models and throw some dice around.

I used Oldhammer in the New World's warband creation guide to put together a gaggle of Chaos followers. As a good sport, I rolled for everything, and this is what I got:

My first roll was a 31, so my champion is a Dark Elf. Second roll was a 57, so my Dark Elf is a Level 10 Hero.

After thinking about what models I had to represent my champion, I rolled a 6 for equipment, and with 8 points purchased a shield, a horse, a spear, and a crossbow.

Taking into consideration color schemes, as I am wont to do, I thought it would be appropriate for my Dark Elf champion to worship Slaanesh.

It doesn't hurt that Dark Elves outlaw the worship of Slaanesh so that also helps generate an interesting backstory for my champion.

Rolling for attributes, my first roll gave me a crest, which I accepted as my cosmetic attribute. My second attribute roll gave me an evil eye that was good for my positive attribute (+1 Fear Point). Of course, the Mark of Slaanesh provides my champion with +1 Will Power.

Rolling three times for his retinue, I got an 80 (D4 Ogres), a 50 (D6 Goblins), and a 67 (2D4 Mercenary Band and Captain).

On the subsequent rolls, I got 2 Ogres, 4 Goblins, and 5 Mercenaries along with their Captain, who is a Level 5 Hero.

Digging around my lead pile, I pulled out some models to represent these characters.

This great Marauder Dark Elf Cold One ridder was one of the first blister packs I ever bought as a kid and it's just been sitting around for ages:

I also located one of the old shields he came with, which I think I'll do in a tarnished bronze:

These beautiful Goodwin-designed Ogres, Gutlagg Executioner and Warlord, will provide the muscle:

The pack of Goblins will include an Iron Claw model (#5) and a few old GW sculpts (GSB #1, GWS #23, and GWM#1):

The Mercenary Band and Captain will be represented by a mixture of Alan Perry's Imperial and Brettonian Crossbowmen (#2, #3, #8, and #12), an old Norman Man-at-Arms (Etiennes), and a model from GW's Mercenaries line (Ben):

It's a diverse group to be sure, but I think they mesh well and will look great properly painted up.

But, first things first, I need to strip the figures with old paint jobs, clean up some mold lines, and start fleshing out a good backstory for everyone.

Up next: Some progress on the Grot Command Tank.

So until next time, keep painting!

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