Dec 11, 2013

WIP: Grot Tank Weathering

Subtitle to this post: A Hiatus From My Hiatus.

I got a few days off from work over the Thanksgiving holiday and took the opportunity to get some hobby time in.

The siren song of the Grot tank was too much to resist; one day I'll finish the latest additions to my Cawdor gang.

But first things first, some Grot tank progress:

I started by shading the metal pieces with watered-down Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Metallic Black (073) and then drybrushing highlights of VMA Aluminum (062).

Yellow areas received a drybrush of Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Sand Yellow (916), and brown pieces got a once over with VMA Rust (069).

I also detailed the pintle-mounted shoota:

And added a few transfers:

According to the folks at Heresy Online, the driver of this Grot tank likes speed (the "Wazza" symbol on the turret) and is a ruthless veteran (the "Grim" and "Skraga" symbols from top to bottom on the hull).

To lay down the decals, I started by brushing on some Future floor polish to the areas. This makes it easier to slide the transfers onto the model and then adjust them once on. I also used Vallejo Decal Medium (212) to further lubricate the surface and then Decal Fix (213) to keep them in place.

As you can see in the above photos, I forgot to take pictures of previous steps before moving on to adding paint chipping.

To achieve the chipping, I cut up old blister pack foam into small triangles and then lightly dabbed on Reaper High Density (RHD) Armor Grey first and then more selectively applied VMA Steel (065).

There's still plenty left to do before I put this bad boy together. I want to try my hand at an oil wash and then apply powders to simulate rust, mud, and dust. But I'm really pleased with how the weathering has turned out so far.

I have time off around Christmas, so I should be able to put in more hobby time.

Up next: Maybe a showcase of this fine little Grot tank.

So until next time, keep painting!


  1. The weathering is truly superb.

  2. Much appreciated, Baconfat. I've since added a bit more paint chipping with a brush and laid down the oil wash. I still have to add powders, but I'm pretty close to getting this first Grot tank wrapped up.


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