Oct 31, 2012

WIP: Cawdor Gang Details

So, before moving on to blending and highlighting, I figured that I needed to fill in the gang members' details that up until now I had left unpainted.

This included the partially-finished gun casings, barrels, and stocks, knifes, canteens, belt and gaiter buckles, pouch buttons, and glove and tunic studs:

The gun casings, canteens, and knife sheathes received a coat of Vallejo Game Color (VGC) Camouflage Green, and a glaze of heavily watered-down VGC Cayman Green as a shade.

Gun stocks and knife handles were covered in Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Natural Wood (834), which is very thin straight out of the bottle and requires several coats to get good coverage.

Gun barrels, knife guards, butts, and sheath tips, buckles, buttons, and studs got a base coat of VMC London Grey (836) and, depending on the color behind the object, either a wash of old Citadel (GW) Shadow Black ink or old GW Skaven Brown ink.

The bullet casings in the Heavy's ammo belt are also VMC London Grey, while the tips are roughly a 3:2:1:1 ratio of VMC Light Orange (911), GW Golden Yellow, VGC Bronze Fleshtone, and VGC Charred Brown. I was going for a faux-NMM brass. The ammo belt webbing is VGC Earth.

Looking back, I should have painted the details on the gloves, robes, belts, and gaiters before I shaded the models, as it would have reduced my work time. But, with the details filled in, I can start blending and highlighting!

Next up: blending and highlighting ... really.

So, until next time, keep painting!
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