Apr 29, 2013

WIP: Grot Tank Final Prep & Undercoat

In lieu of an update on the two newest additions to my Cawdor gang (basecoating plods along), I thought I'd share the latest progress on my Grot Tank.

Since my last post, I've fixed the mold lines on the grotzooka that comes with the Forge World (FW) kit, constructed a big shoota as well as an ammo box to go with each option, and undercoated all the pieces.

As you can see in the first picture, the grotzooka required extensive filing and puttying, as each side of the barrel had an approximately 1-mm-wide mold line.

I'm guessing this was due more to misalignment of the molds; unfortunately, most of the weapons and a few of the tank bodies in my kit suffer from this.

The grotzooka ammo box is constructed of 1-mm-think sheet styrene, which I roughed up to give an orky (groty?) appearance, 1.5-mm angle and flat strips, and various thicknesses of rod for the rivets.

Most of the material in the grotzooka ammo box is FW sprue, which goes to show that you shouldn't throw anything away.

The big shoota turret mount is 9/32-inch diameter plasticard tubing, which matches the diameter of the FW turret mounts perfectly, as well as some strips and rivets.

The big shoota barrel is from the FW Ork Weapon Set; the barrel was carefully separated from its stock and pinned to the turret mount.

The big shoota ammo box is constructed of 0.5-mm-thick sheet styrene, 1.5-mm channel (the top of the box) and flat strips, and some thin floral wire for the handles. The dags and rivets round out the orkiness.

Each item is magnetized:

So I can switch between the grotzooka:

And big shoota with ease:

The ammo boxes attach to the tank through a small magnet I sunk into the deck lid:

After final prep and cleanup, everything went into the spray booth:

And Grot Tank #1 is now ready for basecoating.

Next up: My second batch of Cawdor models basecoated and shaded (for reals).

So, until next time, keep painting!
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