Jul 6, 2014

Showcase: Grot Tank

Annnnnd, we're back.

I've had few opportunities to sit down at the painting table over the past nine months. But as of this past Tuesday, I am officially unemployed.

The candidate I was working for lost her election. So it goes. I can say, however, that you should never be afraid to go after something you believe in. It will always be worth it.

Now that I temporarilly have some time on my hands, I've been able to finish up the first Grot tank:

I'm really pleased with how it came out. I was worried the tank was going to be too weathered, but I think it's going set the perfect tone for the scrappy little Grot mob I'm planning.

I followed a lot of the scale model tips and tricks laid out in Forge World's Model Masterclass volumes to finish the tank off.

After applying a liberal application of burnt umber oil wash, I applied rust and dust effects with mixes of watered-down paint and MIG Productions weathering powders.

The exhaust soot is straight powder applied with a cotton swab. I also added a light dry brush of a dark metallic color to the tracks to highlight their wear.

I snapped a couple WIP shots after the oil wash and thought it would be cool to pull a bunch of shots together to show the model's progression:

Keep an eye out for more regular posts for the foreseeable future.

Up next: Details of a special painting-related trip I was able to make back in April.

So until next time, keep painting!
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