Aug 3, 2014

WIP: Grot Kommand Tank Prep & Conversion

After finishing the first Grot tank, I got the itch to start another.

So, instead of working on the piece from my miniature-painting-related travel back in April, I've been putting time in to prepping this Kommand Tank:

My plan has always been to outfit this tank skwadron with either Grotzookas or Big Shootas. I scratch built one of each for the Kommand Tank:

As the kommanda is allowed to carry two armaments, I initially thought I would be able to use them interchangeably: Whichever armament the skwadron choose, the other could be the kommanda's secondary weapon.

But I quickly realized that interchanging them would look odd because they're both so big:

So I constructed smaller secondary armaments to compliment each main weapon.

Grotzooka with complimentary Big Shoota:

Big Shoota with complimentary Grotzooka:

The two Grotzooka muzzles came from the Grot tank kit's megaphone bit:

They were separated, hollowed out, filled with scrap, and attached to sheet styrene turret mounts. See here for more info on scratch building turret mounts.

Forge World's (FW) Ork Weapon Set supplied the Big Shootas again. I simply cut the barrels from their receivers and mounted them to their turret mounts.

The weapon set, which I've found to be invaluable for customization, also provided the mount and pin for the pintle-mounted Shoota:

I just sandwiched a piece of resin sprue that I heated and bent into shape between the two FW pieces. See here for more info on constructing a pintle-mounted shoota.

Because a kommanda needs to stand out in the crowd, I added an Ork nob's banner pole and threw on an extra glyph:

Of course, everything is magnetized for easy swapping and storage:

And after a trip to the spray booth for undercoating...

I'm ready to start laying down base coats.

Next up: Pictures of something with paint on it! Not sure if it's going to be this tank, more Cawdor stuff, or the travel-related piece; will depend on what I'm in the mood for.

So, until next time, keep painting!


  1. Absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to see paint on this guy!

  2. Appreciate it, Greg. I've done the first couple passes through on the airbrush. Should have something post-worthy soon.




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